Led Display Van


Led Display Van is a new addition to the election campaign from a few years in the past. It comes into existence due to its mobile nature. We know that the hordings can display our image in a bigger way but in a static way.

LED Display vans are just opposite to it as vans can move from one village to another village, from one assembly to another assembly and so on.

LED Display Vans are a superior weapon to combat in election campaigns. We can show not only static flex banner on its outer side but we can display videos inside to give full manifesto details. Candidate can record or advertise his full speech which can be shown to people in a group from place to place. Moreover, vans are more attractive than flex boards and deliver the speech in a more lively way.

With the help of new technology, we can make vans more effective. A number of vans can deliver live shows in various places if anyone is not able to attend rallies. LED Display vans to carry outdoor flexes on outers, LED unit, sound system, mike, and one driver to take care of vans.

left side van
center face led van
right led van